For a change, and to make it easier on parents, let’s have an easy costume party, and some fun! Our Neon Glow Party allows you to have an event where the kids wont be tripping over bulky costumes, and you won’t have to worry about messy face makeup. Most of the accessories needed for this party can be found at our Online Party Store.

Buy a few black lights, and have all the guests wear black clothing. Supply the participants with light sticks, glow bracelets, and necklaces of all kinds. Blinking rings, barettes, and fiber optic wands with batteries can also be added.

A great NEON PARTY KIT contains party supplies for over 50 people or you can mix and match from the various items in the glow section of the Online Party Store. Items include hats, masks, glow glasses, noise makers, and other items that glow under the black light.

If you would like the guests to make some of their own decorations, have them decorate white paperplates with black markers to look like pumpkins. You can also give them white tissues and a ping-pong ball. Place the ping-pong ball in the center of the unfolded tissue, wrap the ball and tie with string or a rubberband. Hang these items from the ceiling and you have glow in the dark pumpkins and ghosts. The ghosts will sway in the breeze from the movement in the room AND the guests can take their creations home with them.

Have the room darkened, and tape black plastic over windows, as well as putting black lights in the ceiling sockets or from trouble lights hanging around the room. Decorate the tables with black paper tablecloths and serve the food on all white paper products so the black lights will make them glow.

Menu ideas:

Winter menu – Bright pink and orange sherbert fits right in with the party theme. Add green celery with cheese stuffing, cherry juice, and chips with guacamole dip for a colorful menu!

For the Spring – open up a salad bar with all the trimmings: lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, bacon bits, cucumber, onion, olives, peppers and croutons. For dessert, how about cute theme cupcakes in neon frostings. Lemonade or orangeade for drinks.

Summer menu – Vanilla ice cream with different toppings, nuts and sprinkles is always a treat. Add fruit such as pineapple, melon, banana and strawberries. Iced water and tea for beverages. Tiny triangle sandwiches with neon pics can fill out the menu if you want to serve lunch, and not just dessert.

In the Fall – Serve pumpkin and chocolate doughnuts, orange punch, and popcorn with firm red apples. An easy menu…makes for easy cleanup!

This will be a hit with the kids..and even the teenagers too! Different…yet fun.

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And for blinking party treats:

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This party will be a GLOWING SUCCESS! Be creative…use your imagination…order your products online and you won’t have to break your budget.