If you have been tasked with planning a party and you don’t know where to begin your best bet is to start with all the basics and progress with your arrangements. Some of the things you will have to take into consideration are:

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Budget, Venue, Food, Music, Decorations, Guest List and Having Fun!

The first step in planning any party is to set a budget for it. The reason for the party may dictate how much you spend on it. In general, a milestone such as a graduation or landing a first job calls for a bigger budget party than planning a simple birthday celebration. Take this into account when determining how much you can afford to spend on the party.

Once you have set your budget the next step in planning a party is to determine where the party will be held. Holding a party in a public location will naturally cost more money and require more planning than holding a party in your house.

Now that you have a budget and a venue for the party the next step is to compile the guest list. No matter what type of party you are planning you will want to keep the guest list at a reasonable size. This is also the time to decide whether you will allow each invited guest to bring a date. When you have your guest list composed you will need to send out invitations. Unless it is a fancy party or a special occasion you can choose to send email invites to your guests.

After setting the guest list you will want to decide on the food for the party. Depending on what type of party it is you may be able to ask each guest to bring a side dish. You will then need to determine what the party’s main course will consist of. Be sure to take your party budget into consideration when deciding on the food you will serve. The preferences of your guests are also something you should take into consideration (this includes food allergies and religious or health restrictions.)

A party is achocolate-cake_GJC-MJD_lways more lively with music. Choosing the music you will play at your party is a decision you should weigh carefully. Often the theme of a party will dictate what type of music you play. Depending on how fancy the party is supposed to be and how much of your budget you allotted for music you can hire a DJ to entertain your guests. If this is out of your budget you can simply set up a sound system with nothing more than an iPod and some speakers.


Decorations are also a nice touch for any party. Again the theme of the party often dictates the decorations you choose to use. If you are creative enough you can even create your own party decorations, saving money in your budget for other aspects of planning.

These are the basics of planning any party. Personalizing your party the way you want is a nice way to make the party more unique and memorable to guests.